These stripes are so fun! And in several multicolor combinations or a simple 2-3 color combination of your choice! And based on our experiences, people love stripes! And really, what's not to love?

Designed by ixoq and handwoven by our partner artisans in Guatemala, using threads of recycled plastic, these cesta totes are modeled on the traditional market bags you see throughout Latin American and come in a variety of colors and designs created for the US market.

These cesta totes are perfect for the market, as a carry-on, for the office, the gym, basically anywhere that you'd like an attractive and sturdy carry-all bag. They also work well as storage in your house and perfect for magazines, towels, toys, etc... They are very durable and easy to clean and they are 100% vegan!

All ixoq products are ethically made, sustainable sourced and follow fair trade standards. We work directly with our partner artisans on each custom order and pay a fair wage for their work.

Dimension: 12.5"w x 7"d x 13.5"h. Handle height: 13.25"

Each cesta tote comes with a decorative tassel.